How the SinuPulse Elite can help treat a range of conditions

Many illnesses first enter our body through our nose or mouth, so it is no surprise that keeping your nasal passages and throat as clean and clear as possible will help minimise your chances of illness. Regular nasal irrigation removes bacteria and viruses before they have a chance to enter your system, and reduce inflammation and cracked skin which leaves them prone to attack.

Not only this, but nasal irrigation can significantly improve the recovery periods for a range of illnesses. The obvious ones are those directly affecting the nasal area; sinusitis, catarrh, post-nasal drip, hay fever and many more. Others, such as bronchitis and tinnitus, can also be greatly improved through nasal irrigation. Even snoring can be improved.

To find out more information about how sinus irrigation, and in particular the SinuPulse Elite, can help cure, improve or manage any of these conditions, please click on the links to the left, or on the diagram below.