Cure or reduce your nasal-related tinnitus within days

Fast, effective and natural – nasal irrigation works

SinuAir offers a natural and effective saline solutionTinnitus is a ringing in the ear which can be caused by several things – usually by prolonged exposure to loud noise. However it can also be caused, or made worse, by sinus problems. As bizarre as that sounds, the ear, nose and throat are all linked together and a problem with one can have repurcussions with another; hence hospitals having ENT (ear nose and throat) departments.

Blocked nasal passages and excessive fluid production in the sinuses can cause tinnitus and make an existing condition worse. However, nasal-induced tinnitus can be quickly reduced or even cleared completely by using nasal irrigation. This flushes out your nasal passages and sinuses, removing the fluids and blockages that cause the tinnitus.

I felt that at least some of the tinnitus symptoms I've been experiencing were a result of allergy-related Eustachian tube dysfunction. I wasn't willing to try the steroid nasal sprays. Oral allergy medications (even prescription-strength) had no effect, nor did over-the counter decongestants and antihistamines. I purchased a neti pot for cleansing the sinuses with warm salt water. At first I didn't have much hope that this would work, since the water doesn't actually run through the Eustachian tubes, but to my surprise I found that it really does help. After doing this once a day for 5 days the tinnitus is significantly reduced (over 50%) to a much more bearable level. I would definitely recommend this approach to anyone with Eustachian tube dysfunction.
Nora Hill

How nasal irrigation can help

As mentioned above, nasal problems can lead to tinnitus. If your tinnitus is a result of sinus problems or allergies, then sinus irrigation can quickly and effectively reduce your tinnitus. It flushes out mucus, bacteria and allergens from your nasal passages and sinuses, and reduces inflammation. This then clears the pressure built up within your head and reduces, or even eliminates your tinnitus. Within just a few days your could see a significant reduction in your symptoms, and get back to living your regular life.

Why choose the SinuPulse Elite?

Nasal irragation, or neti, has been around for thousands of years and is a widely practised form of treatment for a range of conditions. The SinuPulse Elite takes neti to the next level – making it far easier, quicker and more effective than traditional netipots or nasal sprays. You no longer have to have your head at awkward angles to rely on gravity – the SinuPulse lets you keep your head upright and does the hardwork for you. You simply use the jet irrigator to flush out the worst, and then use the spray tip to reach the areas that would ordinarily be out of reach for regular netipots and sprays. The SinuPulse offers the most comprehensive sinus irrigation possible, giving more noticeable and longer lasting relief.

Use the SinuPulse Elite to solve your sinus problems fast

How it works

The key to the SinuPulse Elite is its pulsating mechanism, which help stimulate the body in-built ciliary flow. The cilia are designed to prevent blockages and keep your airways free, but the nose can be so congested that they cannot move. The SinuPulse clears out the blockages, and stimulates the cilia back into action, ensuring both a comprehensive irrigation and also long-lasting relief, as the nasal passages can once again defend themselves.

The SinuPulse Elite comes with a unique spray tip – once your regular irrigation is complete, you can use the spray tip to gently moisture your nasal passages and infiltrate areas that are hard to reach, removing any lingering bacteria or mucus that any regular irrigator simply cannot reach. It ensures that your nasal passages are as clear, sanitised and healthy as can be.

SinuPulse Elite - not just for tinnitus

Regular sinus irrigation will keep your nasal passages and sinuses clear, moisturised and healthy. Not only does it flush out bacteria and viruses once you have an infection, but it also removes them before they have a chance to enter your system. Dry, inflamed nasal passages are also more susceptible to infection and viruses so keeping them clear, healthy and moisturised gives you the best possible chance of avoiding sinusitis, as well as many other illnesses such as the common cold and flu. So as well as potentially reducing tinnitus, it will improve your all-found health as well.

SinuAir Salts Included

SinuAir offers a natural and effective saline solutionThe SinuPulse Elite now comes supplied with a month's supply of SinuAir. SinuAir is a 100% natural saline solution which provides the most effective relief possible. SinuAir nasal salts are noticeably quicker to dissolve than many alternatives, and its entirely natural composition is in contrast to the synthetic substances used in many over-the-counter saline products. For optimal results from your SinuPulse Elite, it is recommended to use SinuAir Nasal Salts at all times. You can browse the SinuAir range of products by clicking here.

Available with Zero-Rated VAT

If you are buying the SinuPulse for personal use and suffer from chronic sinus problems then you are eligible to purchase it without paying tax. You do not need a prescription or diagnosis, you simply have to tick a declaration during the checkout process that confirms that this is the case and you are then able to get your sinus relief VAT-free.

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SinuPulse Elite

If you order your SinuPulse Elite before 2pm you will usually receive it on the the next working day! This means you banish your sinus problems as soon as possible and get back to feeling your regular self again in no time. The SinuPulse Elite is the fast, effective and natural way to deal with your sinus trouble.

Need some more information?

You can find a wealth of information about sinus irrigation and the SinuPulse on this site. Our support section includes an FAQ, and if there is anything else you need to know or are unsure about, you can give us a ring on 0844 504 9999, or use the Contact Us page to send us an email, and we'll endevour to answer any question you may have.