Nasal Irrigation

Nasal irrigation - what it is and what it does

Nasal irrigation is a clearing out of the nasal passages and sinuses, removing any mucus, bacteria and particles that have accumilated. It uses a saline solution that helps loosen up any blockages and also reduces inflammation. This helps keep the nasal passages clear and healthy, and means the cilia (tiny strands that help remove mucus) are free to do their job, which reduce your chances of getting an airborne illness or suffering an allergic reaction. It also helps quickly reduce the symptoms of many nose, ear and throat based illnesses such as sinusitis or influenza, and reduce their recovery times.

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Nasal irrigation is usally performed in one of three ways; using a netipot, a spray bottle or the SinuPulse Elite. To discover more about each one and their pros and cons, please click here.

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