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30 times 5 gram SinuAir Salt Powder Sachets for use with the SinuPulse Elite or your netipot for daily sinus cleansing. A regular nasal wash helps keep the upper airways open and keep your nasal passages and sinuses clear and healthy.

If you, like many others, cleanse your nasal passages daily with the SinuPuse Elite or other devices like the HydroPulse, Emcur douche or a netipot, why not give these SinuAir salts a try? Without additives or preservatives and highly soluble in water, these sachets with formulates nasal irrigation salt powder are gentle yet highly effective in cleaning the upper airways.

Simply open one sachet and mix with water for use with your nasal irrigation machine, douche or netipot. If you want more control over how much salt you use, for example when you want more when inflamed or less as a maintenance dose, the SinuAir tub with its scoop may be better for you.

Each sachet contains 30 grams of formulated salt powder and all the ingredients are 100% natural. SinuAir contains: sodium chloride ("common salt"), sodium bicarbonate ("baking soda"), potassium chloride (KCI or "potash") and calcium chloride (also a salt). Like regular salt, SinuAir stays good for many months if kept dry.

Regular sinus cleansing has many benefits, including:

  • Improved breathing (used by athletes)
  • Fast allergy relief (hayfever etc.)
  • Elimination of sinusitis and chronic sinus infections
  • Moistening of dry and stuffy nasal passages
  • Reduction or elimination of post-nasal drip
  • Reduction in the symptoms of phantosmia
  • Avoiding the common cold
  • Improved sense of smell
  • Improved sense of taste
  • Improved hearing (ears, nose and throat are all connected)
  • Increased auto-immune system ability

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  • The quickest, simplest way to use SinuPulse: Review by -

    SinuAir salt powder sachets are undoubtedly the quickest and simplest way to mix the required 25 fl oz of solution for using SinuPulse. The sachets each contain 5 g of salts in very fine powder form that instantly dissolove even in cold water. I prefer to use warmed water for comfort in washing my sinuses - there's a range a little either side of blood temperature. I have never experienced undissolved salt remaining in my plastic measuring jug - I empty the sachet in to a jug, add 20 fl oz of cold filtered tap water and then 5 fl oz of recently boiled water, a quick stir and pour it into the SinuPulse.

    If I get a little salt solution into my throat and mouth, there is a slight salty taste but not strongly so. I find the sachets more convenient that the tubs though they are inevitably a little more expensive

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