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Daily sinus cleansing with the SinuPulse Elite ensures optimal upper airway health and help treat a range of nasal and sinus-based illnesses. Colds, blocked noses, allergies, sinusitis and post nasal drip can all be helped with the SinuPulse Elite.

SinuPulse Elite - the future of nasal irrigation

Nasal irrigation is a proven technique that has been used for centuries, but is now being brought up to date with the revolutionary SinuPulse Elite. The pulsating mechanism makes nasal irrigation faster, more comfortable and more effective than ever before. Gone are the days of awkward netipots or ineffective nasal sprays. Instead, the SinuPulse Elite offers the most convenient and comprehensive solution to your sinus problems.

Sinus trouble can cause a range of problems

Having sinus problems can lead to a host of problems, from headaches and blocked noses, to tinnitus and coughing. It can also leaves you exposes to airborne illnesses, as the cilia in your nasal passages are restricted and unable to do their job of preventing bacteria entering your body. The SinuPulse eliminates these problems by flushing out the nasal passages, removing the bacteria and mucus that causes such problems and reducing any inflammation. Not only does this give an instant feeling of relief, but also provides long-term protection as well.

The SinuPulse Elite

Choose between a soothing mist or cleansing jet spray. Both are included!

The SinuPulse Elite® Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System was developed and engineered in Switzerland by a team of professionals with over 30 years of sinus irrigation experience. It delivers a natural, soothing drug free saline solution via a gentle water flow or mist at a pressure you control, to help relieve unpleasant symptoms. This is because the specially formulated salts help draw out blockages and heal delicate nasal tissue.

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The SinuPulse Elite® and its intermittent pulsing rinse helps prevent sinus infections and relieve the associated pain and pressure. Safe, simple and easy to operate, the SinuPulse takes only a few minutes to use. It includes the throat irrigator and moisturiser tips which double as tongue scrapers and are ideal for oral hygiene. Recommended by leading health care professionals and supported by published medical reports, pulsatile irrigation helps provide natural relief of allergy and sinus symptoms.

SinuPulse on YouTube

You can find more SinuPulse video's on YouTube and read more on nasal irrigation on Wikipedia and Google Scholar. Sinus irrigation such as jala neti works great and has been used for hundreds of years to great effect. Pulsating nasal irrigation has been proven to work even better!

A Complete System

The SinuPulse Elite usually arrives the next working day after ordering and comes complete with:

  • The CE approved SinuPulse Elite, 220V E.U. Model
  • UK 3-Pin Plug
  • Two sinus irrigator tips (1 x cleansing jet and 1 x moisturising spray)
  • Two throat irrigator and tongue cleansing tips (1 x jet and 1 x mist)
  • One month's supply of SinuAir natural drug-free cleansing salts (30 packets)
  • English instruction manual
  • Sinus health booklet
  • 1 Year warranty

Improve your sinus and nasal health with advanced nasal sinus irrigation. Order a SinuPulse today!

Now shipping to Australia!

The SinuPulse Elite can now be shipped to Australia. Please select the Zero-Rated VAT version (tax may be payable on arrival in Australia). Standard delivery is £35. Please note that orders to Australia will see the SinuPulse shipped with an EU plug; a small adapter will be required to fit Australian mains sockets (not supplied).

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Average review rating of this product
  • An electric neti pot: Review by -

    The sinupulse elite is a good machine for cleaning out nose sinus gunk! It is a very expensive item however, especially if purchasing in the uk or Ireland ! It does help though & has ended my sinus headaches & i have less stuffiness in my nose cavity! But i achieved the exact same results from my little cheap neti pot & feel this machine is just an electric form of that! I also find my own slightly more coarse neti salt, which is a fraction of the price, is better than the very expensive sachets that come with the sinupulse! All in all i think the sinupulse is helpful but no more so than a £5.00 neti pot.

  • Excellent , works well: Review by -

    After years of sinus problems, post nasal drip, I bought this product for my own Christmas present!
    Well worth the money, after only one use, so good to have a clear head and be able to smell a bit. Will continue to use daily, easy to use. No side effects.
    Will recommend to friends, as the area where we live is well known for sinus problems, damp fenland.

  • Worth every penny: Review by -

    I thought this was a bit dear. But then I totted up all I'd spent on my little old sinus problem which was really bad on my right side of my face and made my eardrum bulge. This subsequently left me with periods of dizziness. I had had 3 courses of GP called me in and gave me a thorough check and gave me meds for the dizziness. I was upset because the dizzy periods were then causing me anxiety. I seen this in my frantic search for a solution. After a few days of contemplation I decided to give it ago. First couple of uses didn't produce 'much' but I knew there was alot. OMG I can say it works, the bulge has almost gone and I'm not dizzy anymore Yaaay! I am totally pleased that I found you my little Sinus elite Friend. To anyone one reading this with a sinus problem -GET ONE it does work. Sorry about the 'war and peace' story but I am soooo relieved !

  • I am a professional Health Coach and a Chartered Occupational Health and Safety Consultant specialising in health and wellness recovery from lifestyle and workplace pollutions. In 2002 I became a victim of the very thing I had spent my life helping others to avoid. The unfortunate result was that I became accidentally exposed to occupational dusts and pollution, an exposure that left me disabled and struggling with extremely sensitive respiratory system and sinuses. The breathing was difficult but the pain and discomfort from inflamed sinuses was even more debilitating. Things got so bad that even the slightest exposure to any dust gave me the most excruciating headaches. I was living on painkillers, overdosing daily. I couldn’t work and confined myself to my home environment where all air is filtered and visitors scrutinised. I was almost a recluse. I fought my way back to a reasonable condition but could not rid myself of the tenderness and headaches emanating from my sinuses. I then heard about sinus washes but money was tight and they were expensive.

    In May 2011 I bought a SinuPulse and to be honest it was a tentative purchase. Was it going to be a waste of money or was it just a fad? Before my purchase all I could do was guess at whether the SinuPulse would be effective or not.
    The good news is that it helped tremendously. I give myself a regular sinus wash and clear out the accumulated gunk. The pain relief is almost instant. I still have my nasal and respiratory problems but my sinuses no longer give me any real bother thanks to the SinusPulse.

    The machine is a bit noisy but using it is pleasant with no discomfort at all.
    As you might have gathered that with my respiratory condition I am very careful about getting the flu or a cold. However, even though my whole family (wife, kids and grandkids) have suffered from flues and colds this year – I have not. I have had the occasional bunged feeling and as soon as I get that I give myself a sinus wash.

    Based on my personal experience I cannot recommend SinusPulse highly enough.

    Dr Wilf Archer, PhD; Chartered MCIPD; CMIOSH; OSHCR; GHR(Reg)

  • Better than what the Doctor gives you: Review by -

    After receiving my SinuPulse Elite the very next day after ordering it I used it for the very first time about two hours before going to bed and fitting my cPAP mask in place and I was soon asleep for the deepest sleep I have known in a very long time and I feel great this morning, it is expensive but what is the price of a life!!! well worth every penny, if it was £1000 it would be worth it to me as it will probably extend my life somewhat

  • Excellent device: Review by -

    This excellent machine does what it says on the tin. After a series of horrible colds I was left with post-nasal drip and phlegm. Upon the first use I could not believe how easily I could breathe again and how it cleared my sinuses. The slight headache it caused disappeared after several uses. I now use this every day. It has also allowed an easier night's sleep. The downsides are few. You wouldn't travel with it as it feels a touch brittle and plasticky. The recommended salt is also dear. Overall however this an excellent device which you may not know just how much you need until you buy it.

  • better: Review by -

    I use the thing all the time but you don't accept my review so i stop writing long stories , the things gives me more air and the coughing is reducing

  • I have been using my SinuPulse for eight weeks. I previously used a NeilMed Pot.

    I have to say the SinuPulse is much better than the NeilMed pot to use. I would get water in my ears with the NeilMed, The SinuPulse has a flow adjuster, this reduced the flow and helps on days when my nose inflammation is worse.

    I suffer with severe Asthma and have nasal polyps. I have found a improvement with both since using the SinuPulse, I know this is not a cure but is of great help!

    I irrigate my nose three times a day using the SinuPulse and on bad days more. I am reading a book called "Healing your Sinuses" this recommends nasal irrigation daily as frequently as needed .

    If you are thinking of buying a SinuPulse I personally would recommend it, Depending on your nasal problem I think you will find a improvement in your symptoms.

    The SinuPulse is very easy to use and unlike some who think nasal irrigation is sounds unpleasant it is not. However the SinuPulse is very noisy, I stand mine on a folded hand towel as this helps to make it a little quieter.

    If my SinuPulse was to break tomorrow I would defiantly buy a replacement.

    Try it, I don't think you will regret it!

  • Execellent Product!: Review by -

    I used to suffer with really bad sinus headaches, I was at my wits end trying to think of ways to fix my problem.

    Then I discovered SinuPulse Elite! I used it perhaps twice a month, and since I bought SinuPulse Elite i have not had a bad sinus headache ever.

    Really was the best purchase I ever made.

  • Expensive but worth it!!!: Review by -

    The Sinupulse Elite is compact and very easy to use.
    As stated it seems expensive for what it is but definately does the trick.
    You will be amazed at what a difference it will make.
    Just by using it a few times, I could feel the difference in my breathing.

    Its helped clearing my sinuses and with my headaches, i can now sleep easier!

    I recommend using it a few times a week regardless of your sinus condition, it will really help.

    On another note the saline salts can get a bit expensive to buy especially if you use it daily but you can make your own solution which works out to be much cheaper.

    Overall, Definately much better than using neti-pots or nasal sprays!!!!

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