Testimonials from SinuPulse Elite customers and users

The SinuPulse Elite is used by thousands of people across the world for a range of conditions, including sinusitis, sleep apnoea and asthma. It currently has an average review of 5 stars from over 20 reviews on Amazon. Here are just a few of the testimonials we have recieved about the SinuPulse.

- Amazing!

"Firstly let me say I never thought i would be one of those people writing a glowing review of any product - no matter how good! I have had sinus issues for many years and even had an operation to remove nasal polyps which was successful for a while but I had been suffering from chronic nasal congestion for 3-4 months. I had a low grade fever, headaches, was lethargic, lost my sense of taste and smell and could not sleep properly as my blocked nose impaired my breathing.

"I have also tried numerous antibiotics, nasal drops and a neti pot in the past but with limited success. I was literally at my wits end and thinking I would have to look into further surgery for any kind of relief. I had done lots of research on the internet but nothing seemed to guarantee a positive response - mainly it was people saying they could NEVER find anything to help longterm. I have to say I ordered the SinuPulse in desperation - it is not cheap but I could not stand feeling the way I did any longer.

"The machine arrived quickly and was very easy to set up and use. I used it morning and night for about 10 days and my problems literally cleared up like magic! All of the secondary symptoms were alleviated immediately and within 3 or 4 days it was obvious the infection was being cleared out. I am so grateful and thankful I decided to give it a go and would recommend it to anyone with sinus issues like mine. I have it on standby now in case of winter colds which always led to sinus problems for me!"

G. Thomas - 06/01/2009 - Amazon.co.uk

- Using SinuPulse saved me from sleepless nights

"I had suffered from catarrh for eight months, after a cold in December 2007, which caused me sleepless nights every night due to coughing. Two days after using the SinuPulse Elite nasal/ sinus irrigation machine which you supplied, the coughing stopped and I have been able to sleep normally at night again. It has been a very significant recovery for me as a CT scan prior to this had shown that my sinuses were full. The Sinupulse has been the catalyst in helping to clear them. I had previously tried nasal sprays and antibiotics which had no effect. I am very grateful to have found the SinuPulse and it has made a big difference to me. I am continuing to use it at least once a week at present. My family will also use it when they have a cold or sinus problems."

P. M. Gallagher - 12/09/2008 - Amazon.co.uk

- Using SinuPulse saved me from sleepless nights

"I bought the SinuPulse unit in April, having tried all the usual over-the-counter and prescription sinus remedies - from inhalants to antibiotics and corticosteroid nasal sprays - with only minimal and transient success. So this was a desperation purchase: I had a feeling I was acquiring yet another expensive white elephant. To my surprise and relief, the SinuPulse unit has rapidly become one of those objects I would rescue if my home was on fire. I hope, therefore, that the following comments may be helpful to potential buyers.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: A well-designed machine providing different functions. The lid of the water tank is rather light for my clumsy fingers and I've dropped it a couple of times - to its credit, it hasn't broken!

USER GUIDE: Thank goodness for an informative and comprehensive manual. It's well written with clearly illustrated instructions. It also includes helpful advice about sinus problems generally.

USAGE: My first attempts were nervous, as this seemed a more forceful method of treatment than previous products - that's probably why it works for me! My head felt a little 'buzzy' for a few moments after the first session, but that was quickly replaced by relief that I could breathe more easily than I had for years.

I suffer from constant catarrh in between regularly catching dreadful colds which usually end in severe sinusitis. I now use the irrigation system a couple of times a week, increasing it to daily use when a cold starts. Since April I have had no sinusitis, and, as an unexpected further benefit, find that my eyes no longer suffer from the sinus pressure which made my vision feel heavy and odd. I enjoy driving again.

My only regret is that I didn't discover SinuPulse much sooner. My only worry is that I have to go abroad shortly for a few weeks, and can't take it with me."

Pam - 09/08/2009 - Amazon.co.uk

- I can't believe how much this has helped me

"This product has been amazing. I have suffered from sinus problems for 30 years. I had become highly dependent on (over-using) decongestant sprays. Since using this over the last two weeks I have seen an amazing difference. I wake up in the morning and don't need to reach for the spray in order to breathe properly. I now use the sprays about 75% less than before. My breathing and sleeping is much improved. I had tried the 'neti-pot' type but did not get anything like these results. It has certainly worked for me."

R. Turner - 14/10/2008 - Amazon.co.uk

- Clears out what previously I couldn't get to!

"Used pills of various sorts before to clear out my sinus's and either they didn't work or took a long time to act. This product gives instant relief and because it uses salt and water isn't addictive, doesn't have side effects and is easy to use.

"Would recommend it :)"

J. Fowler - 08/10/2008 - Amazon.co.uk